haperende beeld bij windows 7

  • 15 juni 2019
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I watch with my laptop connected to me tv... or at least, I'd like to but the image is constantly freezing.
If i try to watch via the media box I get a five minute wait then a pop up saying ''try again''.
The app will only play audio and no video on my andoid box.
In short, I can't watch anything.
Oddly enough I NEVER have a problem with Netflix, Youtube or ANY other streaming video.
Sort it out Ziggo !

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Hey @steve1234567 . Welcome to our Community.
I'd like to help you, but to be honest; i don't see what is wrong exactly right now.

What is it you want to watch? Just normal tv? live? On demand? Replay? What mediabox do you have and how are you trying to use that? "try again" is a message i've never seen on a mediabox.

Can you give us a bit more information? I'm sure you'll be watching tv again soon, than 🙂.