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  • 7 september 2020
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I’m tying to connect 4 smart light bulbs to WiFi unsuccessfully. I have amended network to 2.4ghz as advised. I already have 14devices connected. How many max devices can I connect? Any tips on how to get connected, haven’t had an issue with previous devices. Thx 

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Hi @Aliwem and welcome on our community! 

I'm sorry to read that you're experiencing problems when you want to connect 4 smart light bulbs to WiFi. What is the error message that you see when you want to connect the devices to WiFi? 

Hi I get the message below  I’ve changed WiFi to 2.4, password is correct and lights are blinking at times of pairing   Have connected previous smart devices with no problems  thx  


Same here, please let me know if tou find a solution

Looks like the problem is the ip adress that the router cache by mac adress. I just change the range from default to and now the router renewed the ips and everything worked

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What a pity it still does not work @Aliwem. Did you already tried the steps like @lpbarboza mentioned? Could you give your modem a powercycle by unplugging it 1 minute from elektricity? And could you also make the 5 ghz a separate network, to be sure that your light bulbs will connect to the 2.4 ghz frequency?