Port Forwarding - unlocking port 85


I would like to know how I can ask Ziggo to unlock option for port forwarding that includes port 85 ( i need to connect with public service located under this ip: When i was trying to forward this port my service says that whole range of 53,135,137,139,161 & 162 are reserved.

Any tips or information are welcome.

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Hi, seems to be a Game Server in the German velia network.

What Modem/Router do you use?
For what purpose is a Forward of 85 needed?
Game Playing? In that case the usage of UPnP can be sufficient. UPnP opens ports automatically for you, when the Game Software sends requests to your Router to do so. No manual Port Forwards are needed when you enable UPnP in your Router.

Nevertheless, as far as I know there should be no problem with a Forward of external 85 on any Ziggo Modem/Router..

Gr Han