Need Help - Port Forwarding not Working on my Mediabox XL

  • 15 maart 2019
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I have tried to setup port forwarding on my Mediabox XL but it doesn't look like it's working.

I'm just testing with a home FTP server.

When I use the internal IP of the computer with the FTP server, it works.

But when I use my external IP. It does not.

Here is my port forwarding setup:


What am I doing wrong?

Thank you for your time.

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It looks like I'm having the same issue as this person:

I have the mediabox xl that is both video and tv.

Could I request a separate modem so I can make port forwarding work?
Yes you can.
Do I call? Or will a moderator work with me like they did with the other person?
Ordered a Modem to fix this!
You cannot compare your problem with:
This MBXL runs IPv6 DS-Lite firmware and consequently you cannot Port Forward at all.
This Firmware cannot be replaced. A seperate Modem/Router is the only solution here.

Your MBXL runs IPv4 Firmware and Port Forwarding should work fine.

How did you test your ftp Server?
It's not possible to reach your external ip from a system in your network.
The reason is that the MBXL Router has no so-called NAT loopback.
You need to test from the outside world.
This can easily be done on a Phone with a mobile 4G connection instead of a Wifi Connection with your network. Simply turn Wifi off on the Phone.

Of course there's no problem to use a seperate Modem/Router in your case too.
You'll get a ConnectBox.
Mind that you must use your MBXL for TV only, afterwards. Do not connect it to the ConnectBox, since this will give weird problems in your network.
There's a chance that the ConnectBox runs IPv6 DS-Lite Firmware. In that case this must be replaced by IPv4 Firmware in order to be able to Port Forward.
Check Port Forwarding in the Menu's. See attached Image. When not available you have DS-Lite Firmware.
The ConnectBox has no NAT loopback too, just like the MBXL Router.

Regards, Han
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Ordered a Modem to fix this!

Hi @ZgMonster, welcome to our Community 🙂 Great that you are trying to set up an FTP server. Port forwarding can prove to be quite fiddly. @hanh gave you spot-on advice: you can only test the correct portforwarding from another network, never from within.

A seperate modem should give a better experience for the advanced user. Please let us know if you get everyting up and running!