How to: router achter modem

  • 30 april 2017
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Het spijt me maar ik spreek niet goed nederland.

I was able to read (and I think understand) but would not be able to explain my porblem in Dutch...Sorry for that.


Allow me to revive this quite old but very interesting topic. I have a very similar setup than Martin (I highlighted the difference in bold):

IP adres van connectbox:

Internet instellingen in router:
WAN IP-adres: (this is out of the DHCP range and permantely assigned to the MAC address of my router thanks to the Connect Box )
Subnet Mask:
Default gateway:

The reasons why I didn’t put my Connect box in bridge mode are the following :

  • I don't want to be dependent of customer care to change my set-up (or revert the change)
  • I still want to be able to administrate the Connect Box
  • I want to use the Connect Box ethernet ports


This set-up works fine BUT has several limitiations :

  • The Connect Box and the Router are 2 separated networks and they don't communicate. So when I plug a device on one of the Connect Box ethernet port, the other devices connectd to the router can't see/access it
  • Surprisignly, when I deactivate DHCP on the Connect box, nothing works anymore, it looks like the rules to assign a fix IP based on MAC address are not working anymore

I have 2 questions :

  1. I understand that I can't have the WAN IP and the Router IP on the same subnet so what can I do to get devices plugged on hte Connect Box ethernet port visible to devices connected to the Router subnet?
  2. How can I assign a fixed IP adress on a device connect to the Connect box ethernet ports when DHCP is deactivated? Can such adress belong to the subnet of my router?


Thank you all for your precious help.





I think you are complicating your network by using this router after router setup. You explained why you don’t want bridge mode. It is possible to login to the modem in bridge mode, and you only need the helpdesk once. However if you want to keep your Ziggo modem in router mode, please explain why you need a second router? In most cases, a switch and extra access point is sufficient to expand your network. A second router complicates the matter, since it’s a router. It segments your network. Maybe you can put your second router in access point mode?

@Marten1980 goeie uitleg, ik vraag me alleen af, zet je dit in, om gebruik te maken van de WiFi van de Ziggo modem?  Zelf kies ik er voor om de modem in bridged mode te zetten, en het publiek ip af te vangen op mijn router. [mikrotik] Dit werkt prima als je zelf je eigen wifi router gebruikt. Wel een kleine disclaimer: je bent daarmee ook zelf verantwoordelijk voor je eigen firewall en zo.