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Subtitles for kids' channels

I have been trying to activate english subtitles on ketnet but also other kids' channels, and this option seems to exist for other channels but not for the children's channels. I have a ziggo box and I followed the instructions for the single channel on how to activate subtitles, went on the channel, pressed the three dots button but the subtitles option does not appear in the list. I also tried to activate subtitles for all channels and for the hearing impaired from the general settings but nothing there either. Can anybody help me with this? I called customer service and they have no idea. My child needs to learn Dutch but watching Dutch cartoons without subtitles does not help his learning. Thanks!

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In the Netherlands are mostly Dutch subtitles if there is a spoken other language, almost never English subtitles with Dutch spoken movies and series and channels.


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Subtitles for Kids' channels.

On Mediabox Next: use Context menu (...)

  3 : NPO 3 HD : Option "Ondertiteling" : DVB subtitles 

  8 : Veronica HD / Disney XD : DVB subtitles 

Option "Teletekst" : enter the page number

    3 : NPO 3 HD : page 888

    8 : Veronica HD / Disney XD : page 888

  53 : Ketnet : page 888 

303 : Nicktoons : page 888 

304 : Nick Music : page 801 (English)


Use the Back key to exit Teletext.


No subtitles:

 27 : Disney Channel HD

306 : Nick Jr. 

307 : Cartoon Network 

309 : Boomerang HD 

310 : Baby TV 

311 : ducktv 

312 : RTL Telekids HD 

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