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Will the modem fit to our wall port?

Dear Members and moderators,

We moved into a new apartment on 1st of May and we want a new connection with Ziggo. Before ordering I want to make sure that we can connect the modem to the port in our apartment. So, below is what we have on our wall. It's an IS / RA box with copper connection. A COAX cable is connected on the left side of this box with 5 wires (red, blue, orange, white and a thick gray one in center). On the right side of this box is a 4 pin box connected with only the red / blue cables. Can I connect the COAX cable to the Ziggo modem?

We contacted the company that is putting in fiber / fiber optic (kpn network) and they said we are not getting fiber optic connection at least for few months. So whatever provider we get must work with the copper connection we already have.

If you think this port works, we shall order service from Ziggo ASAP.


Thanks a lot,





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This is the connection you will use, but order a mechanic because this way of installing is not used anymore.

Ziggo wil install something like this.


For new customers installation is free of charge.


This is what the installation engineer does

Connecting 1 television set, 1 computer and 1 phone to our services

2-year warranty on all (installation) material

Perfect Wi-Fi throughout the house (incl. Wifi scan)

28-day warranty on the work

Required installation material (you pay the cost price for this)

The installation technician does not do this:

Connecting more devices per service

Getting rid of cables in the wall


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That is great to know. Thanks a lot. We shall order tomorrow together with a technician request. 

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