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Modem splits connection to range extender

I'm using a TPLink TL-WA850RE range extender to extend my Wifi coverage. The problem is that the speed is very low, if connected to the main modem I get almost 100mbps, while from the extender I get less than 10mbps. If I check the connected devices from the connect box I see 4 different connected tplink extenders (I just have one), hence the bandwidth is split among these 4 "imaginary" extenders, probably causing the slow connection speed.  

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Hi @Simo1992 Welcome to the Ziggo Community
I'm sorry for my late reaction. It's very busy.

Such a shame the range extender gives a slow speed. How did you connect the extender to the router? By cable or by Wifi?
The 4 different connected TP link extenders you see in the modem are the devices who are connected to the Extender. 


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There a 2 models of this TPLink extender. The TPLink TL-WA850RE is from 2012, the TPLink TL-WA850RE-FR is from 2019. The first is way to old and both are 300Mbps max, which is'nt very much. And only 2,4GHz wifi frequentie, so that 300Mbps max wil probably never be reached.

An wifi extender by itself needs a good wifi signal to extend the wifi. So it needs a good wifi reception from/to the main modem. If extender and main modem are to far apart, nothing works.

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