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Happy with IPv6

Thanks Ziggo!


I am still very happy to be running IPv6 🙂


I do wonder why it's not being communicated a bit more. I'd love to see our country rise from the bottom of the IPv6 adoption rankings.

And keep the internet available for organisations without deep pockets:

In summary, very grateful that Ziggo now supports IPv6. I would be even happier if I'd see more push for adaption.

Cheers, Jeroen

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Dear @JteU 

Quite a bit has been written about IPv6 and there are also topics about this, but IPv6 does not work 100% for everyone and that is why IPv4 will be maintained for the time being and you can now also do both IPv4 and IPv6 as I have. Ziggo is increasingly expanding to IPv6, but it also costs time and investment. For customers, products that are suitable for IPv6 must be present or if 1 product does not work, the customer can easily switch back to IPv4.

But it is good to hear that you are very happy with this and it makes the Ziggo employees good to hear and pass this on again. Every satisfied customer is another one who has been helped.


(i used Google Translate - Dutch to Englisch )


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In 2022 almost every device should be IPv6 ready. We keep reading issues blamed on IPv6, which is most often not the root cause of issues. I was really happy too, when Ziggo implemented IPv6 on my Bridged modem. I have no issues at all, en use several subnets for my vLANS. Furthermore it is really awesome that Ziggo gets rid of the CGNAT construction. CGNAT causes a lot of issues, as users share an IPv4 address. Ziggo is making good progress by implementing full dual stack for all users. Thumbs up.

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OK, perhaps I could have clarified that IPv6 is only viable together with IPv4... Ziggo is providing Full Dual Stack (IPv6 + IPv4) that is 100% better for everyone! (see topic starter)

With the Full Dual Stack that Ziggo has been providing me there is no (real *) disadvantage.
* Please, don't start about lack of NAT, that's a Myth/FUD [1].

[1] https://www.internetsociety.org/blog/2015/01/ipv6-security-myth-3-no-ipv6-nat-means-less-security/

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