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Geen 2.4 ghz zichtbaar...

Hello,  it has been happening for about a week now: 2,4Ghz SSID disappears from the "available " list. All equipment that uses 2.4Ghz go offline, all others, that are able, use 5Ghz, which works fine.  Restarting the modem fixes the problem, but only temporary and NOT every time.

Please advise.  I have white modem from Ziggo, and MediaNext box, which is NOT set up as access point.

Thanks a million,


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Hello there @Vicky-blueface 

Sorry to hear about the drops you experience with the 2,4Ghz frequency. You can try to reset your modem to factory settings by the manual at https://community.ziggo.nl/internetverbinding-102/hoe-zet-ik-mijn-modem-terug-naar-de-fabrieksinstel...
After the reset, you'll see the 2,4 and 5Ghz frequency has the same networkname. 
The devices that are able to connect to 5Ghz will automaticly connect to this frequency once you connect them to the wifi. Let me know how the story ends.

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