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Stop Ziggo Cancellation

Hey I’m in process of cancelling ziggo, but due to technical issues the other provider cant provide. How can I tell Ziggo that i dont want to cancel anymore?

Customer number: ****

post Code: ****

mail: ****

Note I still have the router 


*Privégegevens verwijderd door moderator*

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This is a public Ziggo forum, where Ziggo customers try to help each other. Also, Ziggo moderators ( they have “_Ziggo” behind their names ) visit every topic every so often. Compared to the helpdesk, they have more knowledge, more options, more rights and can look 'deeper' into the Ziggo system.

Put your zip code and house number in your Ziggo profiel ( these are only visible to Ziggo moderators ), so that they can view your settings and data.


Please wait until a Ziggo mod visits this log, or call the Ziggo helpdesk or use the chat.

Contact Ziggo:
Chat 24/7. Lines can be busy at the moment, please be patient.
– Tst 1200, servicelijn van 08.00 – 20.00, free via Ziggo lines
– 0900-1884, paid public lines.

Perhaps Ziggo mod @Erik P Ziggo can help you now.

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Hi @Marknagsoliman 
Welcome to the Ziggo Community 

I would love to help you to cancel your termination! It would be terrible if you don't have any services. Especially during these days. Can you please fill in your zippcode and housenumber in your Community profile? This is only visible for us as moderators. 


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@Marknagsoliman Make sure your zip code and house number are entered in your click here → Ziggo community profile these are not publicly visible, then the correct data can be found immediately.

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