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How to set up deco M4 with routers behind ziggo connectbox

What is the best setup?

Model: Deco M4



How to figure it out...


I have a modem/ router on the ground floor from Ziggo

I have also available 3 tp-link deco M/S 4 units and also 3 tp-link archer 6 routers available.

I have an ethernet cable from the groundfloor (modem-room)  to the 1e floor (study), an ethernet cable from the groundfloor (modem-room) to the 2e floor (bedroom) and an ethernet cable on the ground floor from the modem room to the livingroom.


I need wifi on all floors

I need several ethernetports:

1x thermostat (modem-room) groundfloor

1x television (livingroom) groundfloor

1x playstation (livingroom) groundfloor

1x receiver (livingroom) groundfloor


1x computer (study) 1e floor

1x NAS (study) 1e floor

1x tradfri hub (study) 1e floor


1x television (bedroom) 2e floor


The modem/ router have 4 ethernet ports

The deco s4 have each 2 ethernet ports

The routers have each 4 ethernet ports.


What is the best way to set up this?

Maybe someone can help me to solve this puzzle 🙂

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This is a public Ziggo forum, where Ziggo customers try to help each other. Also, Ziggo moderators ( they have “_Ziggo” behind their names ) visit every topic every so often. Compared to the helpdesk, they have more knowledge, more options, more rights and can look 'deeper' into the Ziggo system.

Lead this first: Leidraad voor TP-Link DECO or try the Goolge translation Guidance for TP-Link DECO or even better, both.

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