Ziggo throttles/slows speeds when connected to VPN


I am a ziggo customer with an engineering background and I have confirmed that Ziggo is slowing down my connection when connected to a VPN which I need for multiple reasons including work.

I am using Tunnelblick with a OpenVPN UDP connection and there is no bandwidth issues through the VPN gateway. When I am not connected to the VPN, I get full speeds. When I am connected to the VPN, I get a maximum of 25 Mbps.

How does one resolve this? I see many other people complaining of the same problem. The situation does not change wether the VPN gateway is my work's VPN server or my own located in Switzerland who also confirms that they do not shape any traffic or have any bandwidth issues.

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Is there any response from Ziggo at all?
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Hi nobunaga,

This is a community where clients help each other. There is support from Ziggo moderators and they will check every topic, but sometimes it takes a little while before they see every new topic. During the weekends, they're offline anyway.

Unfortunately I don't know that much about VPN's so I can't help you with it, but hopefully other people here can help you soon. (I'm pretty sure that others can help you though!)

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First a few questions and remarks I saw in the other topics.
(I'm not a VPN specialist.)

Which modem do you use?

Is there an option in de VPN client like: disable "use default gateway"

20 seconds of the power, sometimes helps with issues.
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Hi Nobunaga, first I'd like to welcome you to our Community. VPN issues can be very technical and complicated. Since you've already stated that your connection without using VPN works fine our Customer Service department can't support you any further, but thankfully we have our Community where we can discuss everything!

First I'd like some more information on the problem itsself:

Making the VPN-connection is no issue, but browsing the internet through the VPN-tunnel is slow. Correct?

"There's no bandwith issues through the VPN gateway."
By this you mean you get your maximum download speed when downloading/uploading directly from/to the server?