95% packet loss

  • 22 mei 2020
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I’m experiencing some lag/freeze/disconnect issues when playing games or doing video conferences (so continuous transfer) and below is my winmtr results.

Blizzard Entertainment, Inc Server request
google.com request

Anyone experienced can explain what does that mean?


PS: let me know if you need additional information.

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any idea @Jan F. ?

Now I have discarded my router and using Ziggo technicolor modem router.


any ideas about what's going on?


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Hello @chn welcome to the Community :)

For videoconferencing and gaming you need a stable connection, that's very understandable. Finding the cause can take some time exchanging our findings:

The first measurement to the Blizzard servers shows 95% packet loss, the second shows 0,3% packet loss. In both cases average latency is fine, peak latency is a bit high but does not seem to have an effect on averages. The second measurement is without your router and seems fine. Is this the case?

  • We allways try to figure out if the connection issues only happen for specific services, on specific times and if these are constant or periodically during the day. Please tell how often the issues happen in your case.
  • Network performance is always dependant on other network usage at home. Please disconnect servers and services - like NAS-equipment, mediaplayers and download managers - and test again.
  • When performance is bad in our netwerk, a speedtest would give very varying results. Can you report a few speedtest results to indicate if we need to investigate modem performance.



Hi @Anne H Ziggo , thank you for your reply.


I’ve 3 device Orbi mesh system and it is running on AP mode right now. They cover almost everywhere with 5ghz at my place and I can hit my bandwidth limit most of the time on wifi. 

"","3/8/2020 1:03 PM","GMT","254.63","25.11","14","Amersfoort","0","multi"
"","3/13/2020 3:03 PM","GMT","254.23","20.70","21","Arnhem","50","multi"
"","3/19/2020 5:52 PM","GMT","252.84","17.81","12","Arnhem","50","multi"
"","5/4/2020 9:59 PM","GMT","45.91","10.36","12","Arnhem","50","multi"
"","5/17/2020 2:27 PM","GMT","252.61","25.00","13","Amersfoort","0","multi"
"","5/21/2020 12:03 PM","GMT","85.15","21.94","14","Amersfoort","0","multi"
"","5/21/2020 12:04 PM","GMT","83.09","24.22","13","Amersfoort","0","multi"
"","5/21/2020 12:07 PM","GMT","25.05","5.43","13","Amersfoort","0","multi"
"","5/21/2020 12:08 PM","GMT","38.28","6.01","15","Amersfoort","0","multi"
"","5/21/2020 1:11 PM","GMT","191.75","23.80","14","Arnhem","50","multi"
"","5/21/2020 1:11 PM","GMT","145.20","24.25","16","Arnhem","50","multi"
"","5/21/2020 1:13 PM","GMT","79.71","24.22","14","Arnhem","50","multi"
"","5/21/2020 1:14 PM","GMT","88.12","24.86","27","Arnhem","50","multi"
"","5/21/2020 1:23 PM","GMT","203.66","25.05","15","Arnhem","50","multi"
"","5/21/2020 1:24 PM","GMT","254.78","24.76","14","Arnhem","50","multi"
"","5/21/2020 1:47 PM","GMT","93.90","25.18","11","Arnhem","50","multi"
"","5/21/2020 1:52 PM","GMT","254.70","25.11","14","Arnhem","50","multi"
"","5/21/2020 2:57 PM","GMT","254.14","25.07","11","Arnhem","50","multi"
"","5/21/2020 2:59 PM","GMT","254.46","25.09","12","Arnhem","50","multi"
"","5/21/2020 3:00 PM","GMT","200.78","21.90","12","Arnhem","50","multi"
"","5/21/2020 3:01 PM","GMT","227.79","13.19","12","Arnhem","50","multi"
"","5/21/2020 3:19 PM","GMT","225.93","25.10","11","Arnhem","50","multi"
"","5/23/2020 12:26 PM","GMT","254.39","24.54","10","Arnhem","50","multi"
"","5/23/2020 12:58 PM","GMT","252.57","23.92","12","Arnhem","50","multi"
"","5/23/2020 5:41 PM","GMT","254.40","24.98","11","Arnhem","50","multi"
"","5/23/2020 6:00 PM","GMT","254.33","25.24","10","Arnhem","50","multi


I didn’t disabled my security system but discarded all other devices when doing ping plotter tests.

The ping/latency issue is really random like spikes and it is not just for blizzard. ie most of the time when I start netflix streaming, the tv app just counts to 5% and then starts uhd 4k immediately but sometimes it counts more than 5% and starts like 480p blurry until it fixes its connection and buffering. 

ie last night i was able to play a multiplayer game, but was getting lag spikes 3-4 times for 25 minutes period. Same thing happens when using ms team or zoom; starts without any issue, high bandwidth, high quality sound & video but randomly it just goes blurry like 480p, corrupted sound and sometimes pause or drops, reconnections. 

So basically what I experience is not about my bandwidth, speed limit but random lag spikes. Connectivity & speed wise my connection is ok but it is not continuous and breaks overall experience & satisfaction.


My wife attends to online language courses & language mate 4 days a week and I work remotely but my online meetings are mostly so short. I don’t experience (or realise) this spikes during the day since I work on my local environment but my wife complains about drop outs & reconnections since she has 4 hours continuous calls. I realise spikes mostly nights when playing multiplayer games. This latency issue makes it unplayable. Sometimes I can see same behaviour on my phone when browsing a site, it just pauses for a couple of seconds but than starts acting very fast.



Kind Regards,


forgot to post blizzard response


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Via another provider:


Via another provider:


May I ask type/name of the provider? 

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Trined, a fiber provider (GPON).

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It seems the bottleneck unfortunately is in the international routing. We cannot fix this. Maybe try to reach (for instance) Blizzard if they recognize these issues.

It seems the bottleneck unfortunately in the international routing. We cannot fix this. Maybe try to reach (for instance) Blizzard if they recognize these issues.

Although it has a battle neck somewhere after NL, it still has some packet loss when you compare it with @ArChie.DVB results.


And besides that, I’m experiencing packet loss even for google.com not just for blizzard, not mentioning ms teams. see below screenshot of 3.5hours of google ping



1.2%  for below

Decimal: 3576905914
Hostname: nl-ams14a-ri1-ae51-0.aorta.net
ASN: 33915
ISP: Ziggo
Organization: Ziggo



Decimal: 3576929902
Hostname: asd-tr0021-cr101-be155-10.core.as9143.net
ASN: 33915
ISP: Ziggo
Organization: Ziggo


Decimal: 3576939469
ASN: 33915
ISP: Ziggo
Organization: Ziggo
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My PingPlotter session to is running since about 14:00 and did not experience packet loss with that server.

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I really think we need to see proper tests directly on the modem without your amazing Orbi 3 system at all. Preferably while using ethernet (and wifi switched off temporarily). As even the gateway report 0.2% packet loss something might be bad in the home setup.

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Also a PingPlotter session via my provider to the same google.com node ( Again no packet loss: