[mail.ziggo.nl] incorrectly marking HTML e-mail notification alerts as SPAM

  • 5 november 2019
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I have e-mail notification alerts configured for various 3rd-party backup systems.  These tend to send success or failure notifications as HTML format e-mail — with embedded links to jobs, logs, sites, etc.


[mail.ziggo.nl] automatically moves all of these to the SPAM folder.


I have tried to create various 'rules' in [mail.ziggo.nl], but these have never worked as expected.


Other than manually mark each e-mail notification as 'Not Spam' several times per day, is there any way to instruct [mail.ziggo.nl] to allow these important e-mail to be delivered to the INBOX without being marked as SPAM?




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Do the headers of the mail tell you why it is flagged as SPAM? Is SPF/ DKIM/DMARC configureren for the sending domain?

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Hi @JohnBurnel 

I also saw your other topic here and answered it. Are you able to find out the headers that @efok has asked you about? 

Thank you for the responses.

After much further independent investigation, it appears the problem lies with a lack of functionality for handling Sender Rewriting Scheme (SRS) — unless Ziggo can advise differently.


E-mail sent from my webhost is 'forwarded' and this is seemingly what flags the e-mail as SPAM.  The problem may lie with both the sender's system (no functionality to handle it better) and the recipient's system (no functionality to handle it better).

Extensive testing on Ziggo Webmail proves the following:
1.    Creating rules does not seem to work.
2.    Configuring webmail to place SPAM in the Inbox does not seem to work.
3.    There appears to no Whitelist functionality to accept e-mail (with limited SPAM checks) from approved addresses.

Furthermore, even testing on Ziggo Webmail is not without problems.  Each of my Ziggo Mailboxes was marked as 'HACKED' during testing.  I changed MijnZiggo and Mailbox passwords, but I am still unable to send (Ziggo should be investigating).

So my question is (besides the blocked mailboxes): how do I receive e-mail into my Ziggo Webmail Inbox from my webhost without it being marked as SPAM in lieu of better SRS handling?